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Since my early days in childhood, I have been obsessed with film and animation. That obsession never ceased, and I have continued to grow in my skills as a video editor and as a 3D animator. My favorite aspect to animation is in creating characters, and so I have found that character modeling tends to be what I specialize in. Many of my character models are available to purchase on my Turbosquid account, which you can go to HERE

I have created various 3D videos for my online channels such as YouTube, and I also spend my time doing freelance work for others. If you need a character model, an animation, or a video edited, contact me HERE

Atlas Render Goofy Render Donald Render Masked Guardian and Alkhad Render Masked Guardian and Alkhad Render Announcer Render Aqua Battle Render Terra Battle Render Xehanort Render Link Render Jack Skellington Render Tigger Render Aqua Smiling Giant Spider in Cave The Horned King Link facing the Dragon Master Eraqus Render Captive Piglet